In the year January 1, 2021 The Kuroi Kaje Corporation brought into full production the first true immersive virtual reality system. Their system, the EIR Headset (Environment Immersion Rig) allowed for an experience like none other; a revelutionary technology.
The environment created for the VR was named the Alliance of Myr, and has generated vast wealth for the corporation within the first few months of production. Myr is an interactive environment of myth and sorcery reliant on the players to guide the system. The most unique feature of this of course being the quest advancement system. Any quest completed is not able to be repeated by the player. As well, chat is disabled for any without access to telepathic of empathic abilites, though many have found hacks around this rule.

Our story begins a Troy, founder of a gaming store, has recently puchased, won, and collected his earnings in the state lottery. The winnings of 1.3 million have allowed a good margin of comfort to relax and a portion of the winnings to be used in the purchase of four rigs for the most popular game in modern history.Once delivered, powered on and calibrated, the game is ready to begin..

Alliance of Myr